Enterprise Asterisk

Enterprise Asterisk

Asterisk Consulting & Asterisk Experience, no guessing games here.  Cloud based or On Premise, we can help.

We are global industry experts in Asterisk solutions for business.

Not currently running Asterisk?
Whether you are looking for FreePBX, AsteriskNOW, Digium Asterisk, Elastix, or others,  our global solutions consultants can help you design, build, and implement your Asterisk solution in the best way that fits your business.FreePBX, Asterisk, Elastix, 3CX, Polycom

Already running Asterisk?
If you are an enterprise that is already running Asterisk, or one looking to realize the benefits of using the most powerful telephony platform in the world for your organization, we can certainly help.   Adopting open source software certainly has it’s pros and cons, which is why you want to work with a partner who has experience doing exactly what you are doing.

Customer Testimonial
“Before I spoke with StrategIT, we had several other support vendors attempt to support our 500 endpoint installation of Asterisk.   With others it seemed like trial and error, but with StrategIT, they know the answers right away and have been there and done that.  We have since expanded our system to consolidate other offices, and are realizing far more cost savings than we imagined when we started the project.”
– Scott B., Director of IT

Whether you are looking for cost savings, scalability, consolidation of PBX resources, virtualization, or other benefits of adopting Asterisk for your enterprise, our consulting team can help you build the right solution.  We are an industry recognized and leading resource for architecture, design and build, and supporting Enterprise Asterisk systems.

Cloud based or Premise based, we can help you with your Enterprise Asterisk project from start to finish.  We provide support globally for Call Centers, Manufacturing Companies, Oil and Gas Distributors, and many others.

Inquire today about an Enterprise Asterisk solution for your business.

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Enterprise Asterisk November 16, 2015


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