Cloud Telephone System

Global Cloud Communications: Power to the people

Lower your costs while Raising your feature set.  Workforce Anywhere.

Key Benefits of moving your telephone system to the Cloud.

  • Scalability
    Many businesses today have multiple locations, a Cloud based phone system allows you to use the same system for all of your business locations, no matter where in the world they might be.   Everything becomes easier, adding phones, adding users, training new users, adding new offices, there is no limit.
  • Standardize
    Every phone in the office works the same way the other phones work.  You don’t need to have a receptionist phone to transfer a call or to initiate a three person conference bridge.  This makes end user training so much faster and easier, in many cases even obsolete.  These phones are so easy to use sometimes users don’t even require training.
  • Communicate
    Imagine how much better your workforce would communicate if you have all of your sales, marketing, engineering, operations, and accounting people at your fingertips. Direct extension dialing now features follow me so that it can ring your cell phone if you aren’t at your desk, drop you an email instead of a voicemail, and even integrate into a text message for an emergency of after hours alert!
  • Lower Costs
    In most cases, we can save clients as much as 75% over the cost of traditional analog style telephone systems and analog services.  Bundle that with our turn-key Internet/WIFI services and achieve killer cost savings!

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Cloud Telephone System March 23, 2016


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