Network Security Audit

Network Security: Not just for Firewalls anymore

The threats circulating on the internet and through email today are real.  Protect your business today with our 45-step network security audit from StrategIT

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Key Steps to a Successful Network Security Audit Strategy

  • Antivirus and Malware Protection
    Any comprehensive approach to Network Security includes an Enteprise class Antivirus application that can automatically update your company computers, and provide the audit capabilities that you need to monitor your assets and make sure they are virus free.
  • Securing your Web Presence
    As part of our Network Security Audit we will perform an external penetration test against the equipment that separates your network from the internet.  This is crucial to ensure that you don’t have any ‘holes’ that potential attackers could exploit to gain access to your systems.
  • Internet Connection Security
    The internet is everywhere that your people are, customer sites, coffee shops, airports, hotels, you name it.   Having protection at your corporate office is simply not enough.  You must have systems in place that protect your employees where ever they go.
  • Internal Policies to Protect your Data
    Establishing the right internal policies to protect your data is an important part of Network Security.   You can’t be reckless with data by publishing it to untrusted resources, or by allowing employees to use peer to peer file sharing utilities and websites that are notorious for distributing malicious content.
  • Regular Enforcement
    Once you have all of the above items in place (and more that you’ll learn about during out Network Security Audit), you’ll want to have routine procedures in place so that you are sure you are enforcing them.

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Network Security Audit April 6, 2016


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