Multiple Office Phone Systems

Intelligent Multiple Office Phone Systems

One Phone System.  All Locations.  It’s that Simple.

 Move your company to one phone system for all locations!

  • Manage Everything in One Place
    Our easy to use web-based management portal allows you to control settings for all of your Enterprise Telephones from one easy to use web interface.   Control Caller ID’s, Inbound Call Settings, Day/Night Mode, Voicemail, and everything else from one Administrator’s Interface!
  • Save, save, save!
    In most cases, our Multiple Office Phone Systems save our clients more than 50% off of their traditional telephone services AND provide them with state of the art telephone handsets, with NO CAPITAL INVESTMENT.
  • Enable Employees
    Empower your employees to communicate and collaborate more efficiently with 4 digit dialing between extensions all over the world, built in conference features, and online/offline peer visibility.  With a Multiple Office Phone System from StrategIT, you will get the flexibility of a cloud based telephone system extended across your entire enterprise.
  • Dependability
    Our Cloud Based systems provide your organization with an unmatched level of dependability, up to 100 times better than a premise based phone system.  Get rid of your costly closet hardware and upgrade to the cloud for cost savings and simple management.

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Multiple Office Phone Systems April 19, 2016


Corporate Office
SALES: 866-957-9077
SUPPORT: 844-HELP-886 (844-435-7886)

Lubbock, TX Office 806-589-1222
Houston, TX Office 281-763-2952
Austin, TX Office 512-646-3890
Oklahoma City, OK Office 405-698-3750
Tulsa, OK Office 539-777-1585

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