IT Managed Services

IT Managed Services

Transform your business with the best Office 365 migration consultants. Move to the cloud without interruption,  quickly, and at a fixed cost.

StrategIT has successfully migrated thousands of users.

Budget-savvy business owners are turning to Managed Services as an effective way to control their IT costs, and gain access to expertise typically only available to enterprise customers.

Serving the Dallas/Ft. Worth and the surrounding areas, we eliminate the need for you to staff an IT employee (or team), while providing you access to knowledge, expertise and resources that would normally cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars per year.

You should consider a Managed Services Contract if:

1. You want to free up your staff from dealing with IT tasks.

Each member of your staff has a job to do and plays important role in your organization.   When that person is over burdened with ‘managing’ your IT vendor, they lose their ability to do their real job.

2. You are unclear about what you need with no real plan in place.

Having a technology road map is important so that your business stays on track to achieve it’s goals.  Technology is so pervasive in today’s society, everything that your employees do has something to do with technology.    Get a plan together today with our help.

3. You are paying too much for computer service and support.

Often times, the pay by the hour IT service and support continues to get paid to fix the same problem over and over again.   You wouldn’t pay your mechanic to fix the same problem over and over again, why do that with your IT provider.  Budget, plan, and improve.  Our agreements are fixed cost so you can budget your expenses.

4. You leave messages and wait for a return phone call.

When you need assistance with an IT problem, you generally need help right then.  That’s why we staff a helpdesk with technicians ready to help when you call.   We provide help when you need it.

IT Managed Services March 17, 2014


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