Moving Forward With Managed IT Services

If you are like many business owners and managers, you’ve experienced the pain and cost associated with maintaining an IT infrastructure, then you know how good it feels when your systems are running smoothly without interruption. Having a great team is key to establishing success within your IT frameworks. Managed IT Services Whether you have an in-house tech team or are a one man operation, chances are, you’ll benefit from a good managed services team. Managed IT services are a great way to save time and money. Ensuring that your network and workstations are in tip-top shape allows you to […]

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You’re More Ready than You Think for an Office 365 Migration

According to a new Business Insider Intelligence Report, “Cloud computing solutions have gained traction because they’re flexible and cost efficient. Sixty-seven percent of companies used an Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution in 2015, like the cloud, for some part of their business, up 19% from the prior year.” Unfortunately, many companies haven’t considered using cloud solutions that can improve their organization’s productivity and help them save money. In order to evaluate whether or not your organization is ready for a 365 Office Migration, there are a few considerations to take in. Why Not? The reason some organizations haven’t yet taken the leap is because: They […]

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Why You Need Help Desk Support

If you’re like most SMB owner/managers, being in business has given you more responsibilities than you’ve bargained for. Which is one reason why you need help desk support. In addition to your primary business responsibilities: You’re now responsible for the financial security of your customers, You have to take extra measures to hire trustworthy staff, You have to work with vendors who are cognizant of cyber security, and You have to take the right measures to secure your company’s data in every way. For many professionals, (even those who are college educated in their fields), this is way more than they […]

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IT Support & Your Success

So, you’ve finally got the IT infrastructure of your dreams in place. You have a nice office environment, some workstations on a network, and the passion for succeeding. The last thing you need now is more complexities or the worries that come with managing a technology environment. A good IT Support partner can help take some of the burdens off of a growing company’s back. Let Us Handle It The simple rule here is this: If it’s going to take you away from your job and it is an IT related task, let our IT support staff handle it. The […]

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Why Datacenter Services are Important to Your Business

If you want to increase productivity and efficiency, online desktops and other cloud platforms are excellent ways to improve the way you do business. Most of these solutions take very little time to get up and running and are intuitive to use. However, there are many companies offering inferior versions of these products that aren’t secure. The only way to ensure that you’ve got a secure product that is properly installed is to work with a managed services provider who only works with professional, high-level software platforms. Look for: Years of experience in the IT industry, A highly-educated staff, and […]

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Why Managed IT Services Work For You

As a small business owner, you are always looking for ways to focus more on YOUR job. You don’t have the time or resources to be bogged down by technology and the hassles that come with it. After all, your technology should work FOR you. Managed IT Services are the perfect solution to a simple problem: Letting you GROW your business. Let’s keep this simple. SAVE MONEY What is better than saving your business money? A good managed services provider will look at your current technology and analyze the landscape. They will be able to give you honest advice on how to […]

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How Cloud Virtualization Can Help Your Business Grow

The term “virtualization” refers to an IT environment in which users access applications through a common software interface, regardless of how the actual hardware and software on which their applications run are configured. When virtualized applications are accessed through an internet connection, the result is “Cloud Virtualization.” Here’s an example. If your business uses Office365, your employees are accessing an application that is not present on their office computers, but which is running somewhere “in the cloud.” You could have a number of workers simultaneously typing documents or building spreadsheets, each using what appears to them as their own personal […]

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VoIP Migration: The Time Is Now

All modern private branch exchanges (PBX) use the VoIP protocol, which treats phone connections as data network connections. The old TDM exchanges are obsolete. No one sells them, and support for them is going away. If you still have TDM phones, it’s time to migrate. Replacing a phone system is a significant step, but it doesn’t have to be a painful one. You have a choice of running a VoIP PBX on in-house hardware or using a hosted service. Hosting means less up-front cost and puts maintenance and support in the hands of the provider. Phones for a VoIP exchange […]

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Managed IT Services For Small Businesses

Businesses today run into all kinds of technical problems. The larger the business the more problems open to occur, but smaller businesses don’t always have the great volume of problems larger businesses are faced with. In fact, smaller business is caught in the interesting dilemma of how to deal with those technical problems appropriately. The need for your own IT department as a small business doesn’t make much sense. This would be much too costly and not very practical. Smaller businesses only need the help of an IT department ever so often. And this is where a managed IT service […]

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Network Security: Mistakes in the Workplace

Even the most inexperienced business owners know that network security is essential for the workplace. Whether you’re downloading anti-virus software on your tablet or are updating your personal laptop’s security on a regular basis, these are some proper steps to take in order to remain secure. However, just because many businesses owners know that it’s important to keep their devices secure, that doesn’t mean they always make the smartest decisions. With that said, what are network security mistakes businesses should avoid? When network security is a priority we must address mistakes in the workplace and how to avoid them. It’s […]

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